®Cow Brand

For decades, professional sweeteners and consumers around the world have been placing their trust in the consistent quality and great taste of Royal VIVBuisman’s pure butter ghee. It is the use of fresh resources such as cream and butter that helps us to create excellent quality products. The high quality of our ghee has been appreciated for generations and many people associate our ghee with the “good old days”, when mother was cooking up a tasty meal with the original Cow Brand ghee. You can recognize the original company logo on the tins. This logo represents 100% authenticity and it is now a symbol of premium quality with a unique smell and taste.

Royal VIVBuisman

Royal VIVBuisman is a Dutch family owned company producing a full range of butter and milk fat products. To continuously meet the highest market demands, we are dedicated to a customer-oriented approach. Today Royal VIVBuisman is one of the leading experts in milk fat. Royal VIVBuisman was established in the nineteenth century and has gained an excellent reputation over the years and was awarded the exclusive Royal title in 1967 As a family business, we have a regal view on business. This means that Royal VIVBuisman is responsible, reliable and courteous. We have our minds set on the future but also follow current developments closely.
Our products are valued in  many countries throughout the world. Royal VIVBuisman is part of the Van Ballegooijen Foods and has 2 sites in the Netherlands. Would you like to learn more about Royal VIVBuisman? Visit www.royalvivbuisman.nl

®Cow Brand

Butter from cow's milk

This factory code you will find on every packing of Royal VIVBuisman and it is the ultimate symbol that the product is 100% authentic and not a copy.

®Cow Brand

Cow Brand Ghee, in various sizes

You can recognize our products by this symbol. You will find it on every packing of Royal VIVBuisman. This is the ultimate symbol that the product is 100% authentic and not a copy.

The Official ®Cow Brand Distributors

The use of our Cow Brannd ghee has been passed on from generation to generation. Thanks to trust and quality we have established everlasting partnerships with our distributors.

®Cow Brand


Ramadan Kareem from our new distributor in Egypt
Cow Brand Basboussa
Cow Brand Esh belbol
Cow Brand Griba
Cow Brand Kebbé-seniyyé
Cow Brand Maamoul
Cow Brand Ouzi

20-24 February 2023

Dubai World Trade Centre

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®Cow Brand certification

Our certifications guarantee that our products follow the highest possible food safety and quality standards.
Please click here to see our Halal certificate.

The ®Cow Brand Sales Team

If you cannot find a distributor in your region, please contact our Cow Brand sales team. They will be more than willing to assist you with your inquiry.